What is Hosting Service?

iPage has got over 10 years of expertise in web hosting. It has everything organized for individuals as well as business houses up to social websites and not just for revenue only.

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is among the safest web hosting firms to arrive in the market. It has given people the chance to earn via maintaining, designing and hosting web pages. It serves above 1,000,000 websites and is a pioneer in its trade. According to its official website, individuals without any experience can use the services and tools provided by the firm. This firm has got 10 years of expertise. It has everything organized for individuals as well as business houses up to social websites and not just for revenue only.  Their characteristic happens to be "flexibility," since they know that no two customers will have the similar needs.


Growth and Scope of IPage

It assures that you can easily create your web page which you need, with no difficulty or problem. IPage is equipped to handle a remarkably wide range of unique systems, such as the Dreamweaver, Movement and FrontPage. It also lets you create on your own and ensures that you are capable of personalizing your web pages to the maximum possible extent. In inclusion, it also offers the best within web pages protection by defending both your guests and you. It conducts virus tests on a day-to-day basis, site lock technology innovation, website confirmation and trash checking. It places client’s protection first.

The iPage team cares about the user interfaces and client experience. Each month, the firm launches some new thing to make it easy for customers to benefit more. User tests and survey's are conducted to aid in identifying the "pain point" of users. This makes it easy to address and resolve them. Some other reasons that make it stand out include limitless MySQL databases, limitless domains, limitless bandwidth, online assistance program, money-refund guarantee anytime, e-mail, cellphone as well as chatting support.
The features of this web hosting also includes limitless hard disk space.  It also provides free over the internet shop.

It offers sturdy security. It provides an account-specific free spam and malware scanning systems, domain verification along with security badge for your website. Apart from this, it lets you scan you account once every year. As mentioned on their site, Google controls panel integrated has been developed by the company by working with Google. It integrates the "Google Tool for Websites" to the control panel offered by hosting service. This tool gives you a one point access to your sitemap, adwords, site search and much more. It offers good customer support. It has less than 2 minute response time. The company provides customer support 24/7 via chat, email or phone.

The company offers good scalability in a wide array of services, products and applications that let you increase your online presence. Hence, it improves productivity. They offer different degrees of shopping cart and more through Microsoft exchange. It has an affiliate payout scheme. It provides affiliate commission towards users who refer other individuals to purchase the firm's services. They provide $105 for every new customer. Hence, it happens to be a good way to earn money with the firm. Through the usage of renewable energy sources, they are able to host sites which are totally powered through wind energy. This means clients have "Green" eco-friendly websites.

The prices have been advertised for as less as $3.50 per month on their website. It also guarantees that you may avail all these services and tools offered by them at a reasonable rate. Initial promotional price is even available for just $2.95 for first term. Prices for every term are listed here. A 3 year term requires $6.95 to be paid per month. The buyer has to pay $250.20 during purchase time.  A 2 year term needs $7.95 to be paid per month. The buyer needs to pay $190.80 at purchase time. A 1 year period needs $8.95 as payment per month with the buyer charged $107.40 during purchase time.

If you are unsure if this is the correct web host service you need, it offers full refund in first 30 days of service usage. After 30 days period refunds can be got at any time, however this refund shall be prorated for reflecting the time spent by you have in using this service. Due to all these benefits, iPage stands out as being the best web hosting service online today. It may be only what you require to begin with your own business online. It is very easy to use and is customizable website. It is the best and must be the as there is an option to earn money by referring others as well.